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10 years of Electronics Assembly Equipment production, R & D experience manufacturers!

Effective SMT line solutions,Flexible pick&place Machine

After years of development, the company has successfully applied for

a number of inventions and utility model patents for SMT Stencil screen

printer and Flexible pick&place machine.

  • Flexible pick&place machine forFPCB board QR code labeling machine,PCB labelingetc.
      • Using screen printing technology, pick&place technology, insertion technology,Achieve accurate and fast automatic visual labeling machine equipment,Insertion mount machine and Solder paste screen printer;
      • Provide precision, stable, fully automatic equipment and technical services, create value for customers wholeheartedly,a number of patented technologies and software copyrights.

    Strong technical R&D and technical support team
    Founded in 2011, the company has provided technical advancements for Electronics assembly equipment industry 4.0 and has achieved breakthrough development in the SMT industry.

    It is the leading automatic solder paste printing machine manufacturer in SMT field.A supplier of automatic insertion machine and labeling machine. Committed to the R&D, production and sales of SMT manufacturing processes and Electronics assembly equipment.

    At the same time,As a member of the IPC Technology Alliance and a member of the SMT Committee of Guangdong Province, we are closely following the world's most advanced technologies in the SMT industry,helping customers improve quality and production efficiency.
    National High-Tech Enterprise
    • HC AUTOMATION has always attached great importance to the development,we have"ISO9001" Quality Management System Certification,More than 100 inventions and 80 Multiple utility model patents。
    • Named "Growth Star"by Shenzhen High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center.
    • We have more than ten years of experience in the development of automation equipment, and we have established a strong technology platform and R&D team in the industry.,in the industry
    • Our customer service center will provide professional service engineers for customersand be responsible for relevant after-sales service.
    Strong marketing network, perfect after-sales service
    We have a strong marketing networkChina,Malaysia,India,UK,Italyetc. Also equipped with a comprehensive after-sales service.7X24 hours onlinefor solve various technical problems for customers
    Electronics assembly equipment manufacturer

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    Electronics assembly equipment


    Founded in 2011, the company is a leading solder paste printing solution supplier in SMT field, dedicated to SMT electronics industry, automated labeling machine solutions.

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    +86 17820193707 "eric@smtpickplace.com FPCB Labelling Machine Manufacturer
    How to choose a labeling machine
    First of all, we must choose a regular automatic labeling machine manufacturer. Now there are many small facades and stalls on the network. If you don’t see the factory, you can’t see their scale. ...
    What products are suitable for QR
    PCB, FPC (printed circuit board) with QR code label, adhesive tape, pot piece, thermal silica gel, shielding cover, display module with heat-dissipating graphite sheet, conductive adhesive, double-side...
    How long is the QR code labeling
    Hello, all the company's solder paste printer,automatic QR code labeling machine, glue machine standard warranty time is 1 year, in the case of positive payments, delay warranty time is no problem!...
    Why is the QR code Labeling machi
    Why is the automatic placement machine quickly becoming the new favorite of the SMT industry? The reason is that the traditional manual placement of the SMT industry has problems such as inaccurate loc...